Smith Beers Yunker & Company, Founded on the principle of Helping Others Make A Difference

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The mission of Smith Beers Yunker is Helping Others Make A Difference®. The "others" we refer to are nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes whose work is essential to healthy, safe and cohesive communities. Our goal is to offer guidance to volunteer leaders that will help them govern more passionately and steward funds more effectively. We also offer behind-the-scenes coaching and advice to nonprofit management staff, helping them make a greater difference in their vital roles on a day to day basis.

Remaining behind the scenes is, we believe, an imperative in providing nonprofit management and fundraising counsel. We never seek recognition or take credit for the successes of those who devote their lives to making a difference in their communities. Whether assisting seniors, educating children, caring for the poor or disabled, sustaining the arts, protecting the environment, or any other worthy endeavor, it is their work we strive to further and their reputations we seek to enhance. We are proud to be associated with and eager to be of service to all who are involved in the noble work of philanthropy.

It’s often said you are judged by the company you keep.

We are proud the following organizations turned to Smith Beers Yunker in 2014 for advice and counsel to strengthen their brands, telling their stories more effectively, increasing their philanthropic revenues, finding talented executives to take their organizations to the next levels of achievement, or planning for their futures.

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Anna Louise Inn/CUB*

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio

Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health

Choices in Community Living

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Cincinnati Works

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati

Episcopal Retirement Homes*

Healthy Moms & Babes

Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation*

Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati*

Lighthouse Youth Services*

Muskingum County Community Foundation

St. Cecilia Parish

St. Joseph Home*

Seton High School*

Taft Museum of Art*

UC Health

Wyoming School Foundation*

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati*

*Encore engagements

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